• Durability class | class 1
  • Strength class | D50
  • Low MKI*
  • Average 1000 kg/m3 CO2 storage**

*NMD bron GS Timbers EPD’s NIBE

** Life cycle inventory of Australian wood products; S.N. Tucker et al

Cloeziana is an innovative hardwood specie that has been gaining popularity amongst wholesalers and contractors over the last decades. With its unique properties, Cloeziana has proven itself in various building environments.

Round poles



0,5 to 11,8m


0 to 36cm

Longer poles available on request

Cloeziana round poles offer many benefits to constructions. The pole inherits a natural durability and high strength, thus do not need to be treated with any chemicals that can be harmful to our planet. Additionally we cut the pole out of the stem of the tree making the production process quick and cost effective; offering our customers a very competitive priced and superior timber.

Sawn Beams (squares)


1 to 7m


100×100 / 100×125 / 125×125 / 100×150 / 150×150

Custom sizes available on request

Some applications require sawn beams. Cloeziana is an excellent option for in and outdoor applications with its premium characteristics. Within our sawmilling operations we cut our sawlogs into required sizes of squares and planks in accordance with the customer’s requirements.

Our logistics

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