Eucalyptus Cloeziana Roundwood Poles

Unmodified, maximum natural strength

E. Cloeziana – Gympie Messmate – Queensland Messmate

Eucalyptus Cloeziana is a fast growing hardwood specie that is grown on plantations throughout Southern Africa. It is widely used in marine and outdoor applications in roundwood or sawn form. The heartwood is yellowish brown containing a straight grain with fairly fine texture.

It is a strong, versatile, specie that is suitable for applications in heavy engineering such as marine constructions, railway sleepers, poles and scantling and many other external and internal applications.

The eucalyptus species is known for its fats rotation, enabling the trees to grow fast and be comparably more available and very price competitive opposed to other tropical species that are not grown on plantations.


Cloeziana contains very high strength and natural durability. It meets the demand of class 1 durability meaning that the core timber is still intact after 25 years of use in ground contact, also being very resistant to termites or biological damages. Because of this, Cloeziana provides a good alternative for other tropical hardwood species, steel or plastic composites



Strength Class: D50Sustainability Class: 1 & 2
Mass volume wet:
890 – 1.180 kg/m3
Mass volume 12% M.C.:
700 – 990 kg/m3
MOE: 17.000 N/mm2Janka Hardness 8.300 / 12.000 N


Our Cloeziana contains a straight stem, very few to no knots, cylindrical shape and relatively little dimensional difference from top to bottom.