South African Plantation

Our backyard in south africa

Cloeziana is a strongly emerging wood

Cloeziana wood is light yellow to brown hardwood from South Africa.

With a durability class I Cloeziana hardwood is very durable.

The strength class is also very positive of Cloeziana wood. The heartwood is pale yellowish brown, while the sapwood is slightly yellowish. Most Cloeziana comes with an enclosed heart. Heart traces can go outside and will have to be tolerated. The thickness variation is approximately 10mm per meter.

Applications and Types

Hydraulic engineering for scaffolding, bridges, bridge decks, sheet piles, purlins, poles and rub ripples, marine poles, mooring poles, substructures for bridges piling, breakwater constructions, telegraph poles, transmission poles, telephone poles and creosoted wooden poles.

The nature properties of wood serves as a good defence against bank overflow. The right quality wood for timber piling application makes it more durable and beautiful. This is what we do! GS timbers has a hands-on experience in providing high quality timber for civil and marine engineering application at a competitive price.


GS timbers provides both processed and unprocessed wood products for decking of floating pontoons or decks, in various lengths and diameters. Wood girders, deck board and joists can be supplied in pre-assembled configuration.

Eucalyptus cloeziana is an eco-friendly alternative for Azobé used in timber groynes construction. Timber groynes are usually constructed in vertical form against a shoreline. It is used to divert coastal current and limits movement of sediments. Eucalyptus cloeziana is available in square logs at relative cheap price depending on structure designs.


The advantage of Cloeziana

Director statement

Traditional tropical hardwoods are grown and sourced from concession forests, where complex forestry operations and high maintenance costs roll over onto high product pricing delivered to consumers worldwide. Cloeziana is grown on sustainable plantations which allow for easier operations and low cost extraction methods, enabling very competitive pricing. 

Other plantation species such as Eucalyptus Grandis and Radiata Pine require treatment or modification to increase its durability. Cloeziana does not. It is a naturally durable specie of sustainability class 1 and high strength (D50)

The straight, cylindrical shape allows long lengths and a wide selection of diameters. The tree is an excellent specie for piling constructions in the marine sector. In the Netherlands it is widely being used in bank protections, marina constructions (jetties) and various other external applications.