As a forestry operator with various harvesting and production teams across southern africa, GS Timbers has grown to be one of the leading timber producers and exporters of sustainable plantation products.


We produce 4 types of wood in our forests, Cloeziana, Grandis, Japanese cedar and Pine

What makes us sustainable

At GS Timbers we focus on FSC® certified plantation forestry. From nursing the seedlings to harvesting mature trees, we dedicate ourselves to enabling the most sustainable and professional practices in plantation forestry.

Tropical forestry

image of Tropical forestry


per hectare

Plantation forestry

image of Plantation forestry


per hectare

With this method of forestry, we are contributing to a positive impact on our world’s native forests as we are able to produce a lot more volume per hectare in our plantations as opposed to traditional concession forestry that produces far less and is susceptible to illegal logging and destruction of environments.

With using our timbers in your applications, you contribute to a better world.

The plantation

The nurseries we cooperate with, grow our range of seedlings up to strength prior to planting

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