Eucalyptus Cloeziana is a durable and high strength plantation hardwood. This timber specie is the solution to tropical forest degradation. Cloeziana is grown on sustainable FSCⓇ plantations which have a higher volume rotation and smaller environmental impact as opposed to tropical concession forests which are under high stress worldwide.
Cloeziana has a natural high durability and strength and does not require treatment to enhance its life expectancy. Mainly used in marine and outdoor applications it is a specie that is naturally resistant to termites and marine borers.

Technical Specifications

Available SizesLenghts : 1 to 11,8m
Diameter 5 to 40 cm
Sustainability Class1 / 2 (+25 years in outdoor applications)
Strengh ClassD50
Average Density1030 Kg/m³

Sizes Preview examples

Sawn Cloeziana: our sawmill is on undergoing maintenance and upgrade

We can’t produce Sawn Cloeziana for the moment. Please check back with us in Q2 2019.

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