Eucalyptus Applications

We supply strong and sustainable timber for both Ground, Road and Hydraulic Engineering (GWW) and for your garden. Thanks to its durability and strength, Cloeziana is extremely suitable for long-term use in Earth, Road and Hydraulic engineering. Applications such as bank protection, scaffolding posts, breakwaters and other hydraulic engineering applications are no problem for Cloeziana. In addition to GWW wood, we also supply Tanalith impregnated Grandis garden wood.

Ground, Road and Hydraulic engineering

The value of certified sustainable eucalyptus wood is increasingly recognized worldwide. Wholesalers and manufacturers of new generation products use Eucalyptus as a sustainable alternative to endangered hardwoods and non-renewable, carbon-intensive material. See our products.

Hardwood beams and posts are often used within the civil maritime industry. Versatility in sizes, workability, sustainability and the impact on the environment are increasingly becoming the important factors on which architects, engineers and end users choose their materials.

Eucalyptus Cloeziana from GS Timbers is a type of wood that makes all these factors possible. Our cylindrical, versatile dimensional posts and square long beams offer a very strong, durable material that is suitable for any maritime environment.

Mooring Poles

Wave Breaker

Transmission Poles

Thanks to its long length and durable character, Cloeziana is used as round timber as an electricity pole by many countries. The almost perfect length makes the tree post extremely suitable. Our posts are up to 12 meters high and have a natural cone of 7 mm per linear meter. The quality of Cloeziana makes the pole an economical and sustainable choice within the industry.

Garden wood

For both outdoor and indoor applications we supply Tanalith treated Grandis products. Our Eucalyptus Grandis Garden Wood offers a unique alternative to the standard garden wood species available in Europe. Our Grandis products come directly from the Tropical Plantations of South Africa and have a real “jungle” feel.


Wooden roof trusses

Poles and beams from Cloeziana could be a perfect choice if you are to use hardwood for the given job. The specie is quite popular in construction businesses across Australia and South Africa, where it is a common tree type.
Its durability and fine aesthetics make it a product that can be used as a visible structure or one that is only there to support your building.