Gessel Senel (GS) Timbers

Environment and environment are supported with a focus on FSC® certified forestry.

Our Company

As a forestry operator with various harvesting and production teams throughout South Africa, Gessel Senel (GS) Timbers has become one of the leading timber producers and exporters of sustainable plantations in South Africa. With the head office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and the operational office in White River, South Africa.

Support for environment

We are in the heart of the forest every day and have a passion for sustainable plantation activities. We believe that intensive plantation forestry in combination with natural fauna and flora is the solution to meet the worldwide demand for wood products.

Supply Chain

GS Timber specializes in the production and value chain of its wood species. Thanks to a smoothly functioning transport system and production and shipping locations in South Africa, we can serve the international timber markets worldwide on a very competitive scale.


We specialize in the full range of forestry and timber processing activities, including ‘Harvesting and mining’, ‘Local short-range and sawmill stock’, ‘Primary processing (sawmills)’, ‘Timber trade and secondary processing’, ‘Trade in forest products’ and “(Inter) national logistics and storage.”

Our Team

Our team thinks ahead and questions the current processes. In this way we can stimulate creativity and continue to improve sustainability within our forestry.