Gessel Senel (GS) Timbers

With a focus on working on FSC® Certified plantations that support environmental and social practices.

Gessel Senel (GS) Timbers commits to sustainable plantation forestry practices and timber production throughout Sub Saharan Africa. We specialise in the production and marketing of Eucalyptus species grown on the African continent. With a focus on working on FSCⓇ Certified plantations that support environmental and social practices. Enabling a more balanced forest ecology, combining conservation areas together with safe and environmentally managed timber plantations. 

Plantation management
Concession management
Plantation forestry is an upcoming method of timber production. Traditionally, tropical hardwoods are cut and marketed from concession forests in the dense tropical areas of Africa, South America and South-East Asia. Here, significant forest degradation and land conversion has taken place. This traditional mode of forestry and timber production is very complex and involves high costs. 
Plantation forestry is conducted on a smaller and more controlled area. allowing conservation zones where forests are left to thrive. Specific assigned and well maintained plots of timber plantation are grown in coherence where intensive timber production is conducted which allows more yield per hectare and a more economical business model.
GS Timber specialises in the production and supply chain of its timber products. A smooth operating transport system and production and forwarding locations in South Africa allow us to serve the international timber markets worldwide on a very competitive scale.
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