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Straight from the trunk

Deliveries directly from the producer ensure easy communication and fast processing of your orders.

Solid Hardwood Quality

Anatomy of our tree posts is just as strong and durable as traditional hardwood.


You choose the size and we deliver it to the desired location. We offer transportation as far as you wish.


GS Timbers only supplies FSC certified hardwood and is constantly looking for ways to improve sustainable forestry.

Thanks to the strong connection of our production facilities with the local community, we consistently offer the highest standard in sustainable solutions.

Eucalyptus Applications

Eucalyptus Cloeziana and Grandis are often used in Earth, Road and Hydraulic engineering. The types of wood are extremely suitable because of their thin diameter, which nevertheless offers the same strength as traditional hardwood. Cloeziana posts do not require treatment and are extremely suitable for long-term use for more than 20 years. Wells, tunnel wood, support material, support posts, electricity pylons etc. are no problem for these types of wood.

GS Timbers

“We are in the heart of the forests every day and have a passion for sustainable plantation activities. We believe that intensive plantation forestry combined with natural fauna and flora is the solution to meet the worldwide demand for wood products.”

As a forestry operator with various eye and production teams throughout South Africa, GS Timbers has become one of the leading timber producers and exporters of sustainable plantations in South Africa

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